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Every child deserves the best possible experience of life! With diagnoses like Edwards and Patau Syndromes, the financial impact of providing this can sometimes be overwhelming. Extra To Love wants to assist with costs associated with giving your child the happiest, healthiest life possible. Read below to see the ways you may be able to receive assistance.

Read about details and limitations.

Travel For Care

Assistance with costs such as gas, airfare, food,  hotel, parking and other expenses associated with traveling for appointments or hospitalization. 



Assistance with the cost of routine and intensive therapies. Equipment needed for therapies also included. 

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adaptive aids

Assistance with the cost of any and all adaptive aids, ranging from standers and seating to switch toys and tricycles. Car seating included. 

AA pc.jpeg


Home modifications (such as wheelchair ramp installation) and any other request you may have. 


Details and Limitations

Extra To Love seeks to assist the greatest number of families to the best of our ability. All financial assistance must be directly related to costs associated with your child's needs. We do not currently provide assistance for medical bills or routine household costs such as monthly household bills. It is our hope that providing assistance in other areas there is a greater capacity to maintain independence in these areas.

Extra To Love does not guarantee financial assistance in any instance and reserves the right to evaluate applications on a case by case basis to determine the extent to which support might be

If you would like to inquire further about our application and review process, please use the link below to contact us. 

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